Ékuanitshit Project



The Innu community of Ékuanitshit is located about 30 kilometres from Havre-Saint-Pierre.  The project will be carried out with the Ékuanitshit Group, which brings together 15 different companies working in diverse fields (fisheries, outfitting, construction, etc.).

The objective of the project is to support the managers of the different companies in order to improve their knowledge, the mastery of good practices and capacities in Health, Safety and Environment. The application of this knowledge will reduce the human and material impacts of the Group’s various activities.

The first step of the project is to diagnose the current HSSE situation. Subsequently, a detailed action plan will be presented to the Ékuanitshit Group for approval and implementation.

For more information contact: lisa.bellavance@reseau3se.org


Network of professionals and managers
in Health, Safety, Society and the Environment (SSSE)