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2022, a constructive year for the 3S&E Network

2022 is already over! The time has come to take stock and recognize the contribution of 3S&E Network. As the 3S&E Network continued to develop the capacity of organizations and managers to better integrate and take ownership of HSSE dimensions within their operations. Today, I would like to acknowledge the commitment of our members throughout this year to many projects.

First of all, I would like to thank the members of our advisory committee for the second breath it has brought to our management team: Mr. Dominique Bouchard (Arianne Phosphate), Ms. Maysa Habelrih (Mouvement Québécois de la qualité), Ms. Marie Lapointe (Association de l’industrie électrique du Québec), Mr. Sylvain Matte (CECI), Louise Millette (Polytechnique), Claude Perras (Ami du Réseau). Your creativity has helped us think outside the box and your support has led to other promising partnerships. Thank you everyone.

Once again this year, the 3S&E Network continued to support the Centre for Studies and International Collaboration (CECI), our partner of the first hour, in updating its general risk management framework with regard to the current situation in the twelve (12) countries where it operates. The expected security requirements and protocols have also been reviewed. With the contribution of the safety expert, Mr. Nicolas Touiller, the risk analysis and prevention practices were carried out and the recommendations made were accepted by the international management committee. Thank you Nicolas and thank you Roger Laramée for putting us in touch with Nicolas.

Sylvie Patoine, from the Société Béninoise d’Énergie Électrique, has contacted the 3S&E Network to assist a Company Manager in establishing a department in Occupational Safety and Environment and to support him in setting up an effective risk management system. Mr. Daniel Durocher accompanied the responsible manager in his personal development plan and in setting up the organization, to the great satisfaction of the clients. Thanks to Daniel.

After having been put in touch with us by Emmanuel Bergeron and Luc Cyrenne of Rio Tinto, the CODERR Group has requested the support of the 3S&E Network. The Group wanted to improve the current workplaces in the halocarbon sector in terms of ergonomics, efficiency and effectiveness. Mr. Mario Boudreault, an expert in Lean Manufacturing, rose to the challenge. The learnings were immediately incorporated into the expansion project for a new plant scheduled to begin construction in 2023. Thanks to Emmanuel, Luc and Mario.

The partnership between the Polytechnique and Réseau 3S&E established by Ms. Évelyne Bouchard to improve the support provided to students during internships, was extended to other interns this summer. Following this pilot project and in the current form of internships, it was agreed that it would be appropriate to clarify the coaching structure offered to trainees in order to ensure the added value of the contribution of each stakeholder. Serge Bouchard, Mario Foucault, Maysa Habelrih, Guillaume Lachapelle, Bernard Ouellet and Alain Robinson have agreed to participate in this project by offering their time and experience to the interns. Thank you all for your availability and generosity.

Mr. Guy Bouchard had an exchange with Entreprise en Santé officials to look for opportunities to support each other in our respective missions. Several avenues for collaboration and sharing expertise have been identified and the future of this partnership seems promising. Thank you Guy.

The 3S&E Network, especially MM. Yvon Courchesne and Johann Ellefsen, continues to support the Institut Supérieur des Mines et Geolologie de Boké (ISGMB) in the revision of its Industrial Environment and Safety Programme. This year, Mr. Clément Brisson is acting as an expert to certify their new laboratory for environmental analyses. Johann, Yvon, and Clément, thank you.

3S&E Network (by delegate Guy Bouchard) participated in the Mining the Connections conference held in Quebec City on April 25-27. “Mining the Connections” is an international, multidisciplinary conference bringing together academic researchers, students and representatives from Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.Indigenous peoples, NGOs, governments and mining companies to discuss mining development and its impacts. The network’s presence has helped to strengthen our ties with our partners in Guinea and to develop new contacts.

I would also like to extend a special thank you to the leadership team that is committed to our mission. Guy, Évelyne, Johann and Yvon: even after several years, you are always available and fully committed. I want to recognize your work in laying the foundation for a sustainable organization that contributes to the betterment of society through every project you initiate or support. Thank you so much.

Finally, I want to thank you, the members and friends of the 3S&E Network, who encourage us with your comments, your presence and your financial support. Knowing that you are here and that we can count on you is very valuable. Thank you all.

To learn more about any of these projects, I invite you to visit the website of the Network https://reseau3se.org and read more about what has been done in the Project section.

Thank you for contributing to this adventure and take good care of yourself!

Gérard Dufour, President

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