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About Us

Who we are

The 3S&E Network is an initiative born from the will of professionals with business experience, wishing to offer their expertise to organizations which otherwise lack access to this type of resource.

Above all, the 3S&E Network is…

A network of health, safety, society and environment managers and professionals offering their expertise, skills and time to national and international organizations, in order to help them develop their ability to better institute and manage health and safety facets in their business operations.


Other than advancing the health, safety and protection of workers’ and communities’ quality of life and environment, our efforts aspire to the following values:

  • Respect of people and their individual cultures
  • Networking and working toward a common purpose
  • Volunteering
  • Integrity
  • Focusing on prevention
  • Professionalism and rigor
  • Independence and autonomy

The 3S&E Network favors the following modes of intervention :

  • Advisory role in strategic orientation in the field of health and safety, including diagnostics
  • Assistance with the implementation of health and safety strategies
  • Training and coaching of management staff in order to develop their health and safety skills
  • Coaching and mentoring of managers as well as staff specialized in health and safety activities

The 3S&E Network and the social economy environment

Since its creation, the 3S&E Network has maintained links with the Chantier de l’économie sociale with the objective of offering our services to organizations working in this important sector of our economy.

Over the last three (3) years, our collaboration with the Collectif des entreprises d’insertion du Québec (CEIQ) has allowed us to better understand the health, safety and environmental challenges these organizations face and to test our intervention strategies through a pilot project. This collaboration with the CEIQ has allowed us to adapt our strategies to the reality of this environment. That is why we decided to prioritize the development and transfer of skills and interventions in the community, focusing mainly on coaching to help managers and their teams to implement solutions adapted to their HSE issues. We wish to extend our thanks to the CEIQ for allowing us to learn from their valuable teachings.

Rich with this experience, we continue our efforts with the social economy sector via the Comité sectoriel de main d’oeuvre économie sociale et action communautaire (CSMO-ESAC). For the past few months, the 3S&E Network has begun discussions with the Committee’s management to publicize our range of services and to explore future collaboration opportunities. It was therefore agreed that, as a first step, priority should be given to promoting HSE and the Network to members of the Committee. Members of the 3S&E Network are currently working to provide the Committee with a short publication on the importance of HSE that will be posted on their blog. Other activities will be implemented during 2019; among other things, participating in a blog or an “interview with a pro” style session on the topic of mental health.

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