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Projects in collaboration with the CECI

Assessment of impacts related to mining

Our support to the CECI (Center for International Study and Cooperation) and the ISMBG (Institut Supérieur des Mines et Geolologie de Boké) regarding the methodology for analyzing the impacts of village displacement in mining operations has yielded concrete results and has proved to be relevant. This project involved five (5) members of the Network. The CECI noted that “the Network’s contribution has improved the due diligence tool used by CECI and the Network’s invaluable contribution in providing remote support to the field team.” This allowed an objective assessment of the social and environmental impacts of the displacement of villages.

For more information contact: yvon.courchesne@reseau3se.org


Review of prevention processes (CECI)

CECI’s mission is to combat poverty and exclusion. In order to accomplish this mission, the organization is called upon to work in areas that are fragile, unstable or affected by natural or man-made disasters, where there is a risk to the health and safety of its employees and volunteers. The safety of employees and volunteers is a priority for the IFC. This is why CECI promotes a safety culture throughout the organization and establishes strict and comprehensive policies and protocols that take into account the differences that can be found between countries.

CECI has therefore asked the 3S&E Network to support it in updating its general risk management framework with regard to the current situation in the 12 countries where it operates and to review the expected security requirements and protocols.

With the contribution of safety experts, members or friends of the Network, the analysis of risks and prevention practices in a few countries was carried out and the recommendations made were accepted.

We will continue this support in the coming weeks.

For more information contact: gerard.dufour@reseau3se.org

Alliance Burkinabè Project of Suppliers of Mining Goods and Services (ABSM)


In collaboration with UNITERRA (CECI-EUMC), this project aimed to strengthen the health, safety and environmental capacities of our partner in Burkina Faso to enable member companies to qualify as suppliers to mining companies.

The focus was on the following elements: training and awareness-raising and implementation of 5S projects with targeted companies. The strategy has combined training activities with coaching and coaching activities.

Three (3) missions were completed as part of this project. These confirmed the support needs and contribution of the 3S&E Network. Training activity on HSSE management and a 5S workshop with two (2) local companies were also held during these missions.

For more information contact: johann.ellefsen@reseau3se.org




Network of professionals and managers
in Health, Safety, Society and the Environment (SSSE)