A word from our president

Best wishes for 2020


As one year ends, another one begins.

This period of introspection allows us to assess and adjust our core personal priorities. The same is true for the 3S&E Network, which never ceases to grow and evolve.


2019 saw the birth of new projects and has allowed us to confirm, once again, the relevance of our mission to help develop the ability of organizations to better integrate and take charge of the Health, Safety, Social and Environmental aspects within their operations. Now, 2020 opens doors for us in new spheres of activity. Although we are a young organization, the skills, expertise and values that drive our members are the keys that open these doors to us. Thank you for being here with your encouragement and your constant support.


The whole 3S&E Network team wishes you health, happiness and the fulfillment of your dreams. May 2020 be a magical year for each one of you.


Gérard Dufour


President, 3S&E Network


Pass on

Network of professionals and managers
in Health, Safety, Society and the Environment (SSSE)