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A word from our president

A year with new implications

Hello everyone!

2022 is already well underway when I write these lines. As the hope of seeing the health crisis fade away to return to a more natural way of life, another crisis erupts with equally deadly and devastating potential for the world. In the face of these situations that seem to us beyond our control, it may be legitimate to question the relevance and contribution of the 3S&E Network. Yet the 3S&E Network leadership team continues to commit to its mission with passion and conviction that we can make a difference, So small is she, in this world.

In 2021, the establishment of an advisory committee enabled the exploration of new partnerships that proved to be very relevant and interesting. Initiatives and pilot projects carried out since then have confirmed the value of our contribution with this new clientele and suggest an increased need for involvement on the part of our members and supporters. In fact, the advisory committee met again last February. This meeting was an opportunity to validate the progress made and to deepen the areas of action identified above.

For further information, I invite you to read more about what has been done in the Projects section.

Thank you for contributing to this adventure and take care of yourself.

Gérard Dufour

President 3S&E Network

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